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Player-Care: Dedicated to the player piano and to fulfilling the needs of every player piano and reproducing piano owner. We list 210 Player Piano Technicians in the U.S. and abroad who provide services to "Keep The Music Rolling". We also provide free listings of Player Piano Makers, Roll Makers, Parts Makers, Organizations/Businesses/Links, Other Suppliers, and hundreds of free Technical Articles about Testing, Servicing, and Repairing your player piano.
Player-Care survives by selling Reference Materials, Parts & Supplies and Technical Advice. For a small fee, we will also help you find that missing or broken part that you can't find anywhere else.
Player-Care is constantly looking for information related to player pianos. Go to the Seeking Information page if you think you can help.
Player-Care now has a CD Version of Craig Brougher's fine reference book, the 'Orchestrion Builder's Manual and Pneumatics Handbook', as well as "personally signed" copies. And, his fine Technical Articles are a "must read".

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16 Years (94-09) of Christmas Collector's Rolls - Click Here.
Duo-Art Test Rolls are now available - Want One? Click Here.
Absolutely "THE FINEST" Dual-Stage Vacuum Pump Kit - Click Here.

: Expect for little errors that show up occasionally, I have completed the major revamping of Player-Care and its 'sister' sites. Orders for player piano rebuilding supplies, player piano reference materials, player piano training DVDs, and audio CDs of excellent reproducing player grand music are now being processed within 24 hours (M-F). Lastly, in an effort make it easier for the public to find player piano replacement parts, I'm expanding the Player Piano Parts Makers page, which now includes links to a number of small companies and individuals who make the new parts. For those who are adventurous, try the new SiteMap-Links page. It lists over 700 pages at Player-Care in alphabetical order by their URL. Musically, John A Tuttle -- "Keep The Music Rolling" --

Now Playing; "Dardenella", recorded by Craig Brougher.
Performed on a fully restored 7'2". Mason & Hamlin RBB Ampico Reproducing Grand that Craig recently completed (5/18/14).

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Brougher Restorations
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